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The Gods Must be Crazy for a Good Samaritan Cause!

My friend (Bryan B) and the narrator of my AUDIBLE/iTunes book is critically ill from COVID for over a week now. Since this book is devoted to charitable causes (donating to Mother Teresa Mission) and for the greater good, he offered his Good Samaritan kindness when I needed the most (unemployed) to this stranger. He did the narration pretty much FREE/at cost (he also offered to do the re-recording of the updated book also for FREE) without even asking. It is my duty to help him when he needed the most. I will donate all the money I receive from the sale of the book to him. I hope you can help with it.

In addition to the book proceeds from you, If you choose to use, I will also donate everything through ACX/Audible Bounties Program:


As a token of THANK YOU, I am glad to offer you Promo Codes for the FREE AUDIBLE book, which he narrated (only limited FREE codes and first-come, first-served basis - He was about to re-record the updated book last week☹).

Narration (>500) is Bryan’s passion, and for living, he works for a local church. Sadly, he had all sorts of personal and financial tragedies in his life in the past couple of months. His mother passed away recently, his house was hit with lightning, and he lost all his electronic types of equipment, including the audio recording studio, etc. He does have a very young family and is also excited about getting married in a couple of weeks.

I guarantee you will be AMAZED that too for a Greater Purpose! In case if you don’t see value in the book, I will refund your money.




Please check out the details from the book: https://www.amazon.com/Make-Enterprise-Great-Again-Capitalism-ebook/dp/B08BJ9WH65/

Honored to have your amazing support by buying over 1000 KINDLE/Paperback books in 10 countries, rave reviews, and #1 best seller rank in many Amazon categories! He was about to re-record the updated book last week☹.

In addition to the book proceeds, If you choose to use, I will also donate everything through ACX Bounties Program:

If you use, I will also pass on all the $’s (assume $50/referral) from ACX/audiobooks Bounty Referral Program to Bryan:

Bounty Referral Link US:


Bounty Referral Link UK:


Bounty Referral Link France:


Bounty Referral Link Germany:



Bounty Referral Program. ACX will offer a payment of $75 (a “Bounty”) for each Qualified Purchase of an audiobook produced through ACX (the “Bounty Referral Program”).

Bounty Allocations. Bounties for Qualified Purchases of audiobooks produced as royalty share productions will be allocated as follows: $50 to the ACX user whose URL was used to make the Qualified Purchase and $25 to other ACX account in the royalty share associated to the production.

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