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The Gods Must be Crazy! – Elahi, Elahi, Lama Sabachthani?

The past year has been the darkest year in my nearly half-century-long life. To stop me from publishing my book, I was haunted by and coerced into signing a piece of crap paper by one of the top law firms in the United States. Even after signing it, I was on an unofficial blacklist. It took me over eight months to make a living again. During these trying times, I started writing, through my own metaphorical coke bottle, “The Gods Must be Crazy!" to channel some of my challenges into something purposeful. In an effort to take my book from Good to Great, I approached over 1000 crème de la crème professionals, including leading publishing firms, like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, etc. Almost all of these firms turned me down.

So, I decided to go the self-publishing route through Amazon. Even Amazon gave me grief, unpublishing my book (the excuse being "Customer Experience"), and it took close to a month to overcome FAANG's fatwa. During these difficult times, many of my so-called liberal networks ridiculed me, including those with whom I had volunteered with for over a decade. They disowned me, many even shunning me on LinkedIn, judging me like a book by the cover. Ironically, I found solace in unusual places, where I expected to receive hatred; especially in the heartland of Trump country.

I had approached at least 50 of the leading global Book Narration professionals over ACX, Reedsy, UPWORK, FIVERR and over a dozen channels. Many were not interested in even entertaining the book. They deemed it too crazy, due to the Wallstreet jargon, recitals from Sun Tzu's The Art of War, and even the words of wisdom from African Bushmen. Most of the quotes I received ranged from $250 an hour to over $500 an hour. It would cost me thousands of dollars to record the book, especially considering the hundreds of revisions it had undergone in a months’ time. I had been unemployed since the beginning of the year and it was not financially feasible for me.

Then came my savior, from the heart of Trump country. Narration is his passion, but his bread and butter day job is as an evangelical church communication coordinator (Audio-Visual) in the South (USA). He was barely able to survive on the menial income he received from church, even working long hours and was doing Voice-Artist work on the side to supplement his income—interestingly, when I spoke with him a month ago, he was planning to switch to full-time Voice Artist. Considering the nature of my book’s content, he had a detailed discussion with his family before even entertaining my request; after which he told me the book resonated with him. He had personally lived through some of the issues mentioned in my book. He wholeheartedly wanted to contribute to the project and offered to do it for free, even though he was currently having economic struggles. Sadly, he had all sorts of personal and financial tragedies in his life in the past couple of months. He tragically lost his mother and then his house was hit with lightning. This catastrophe also destroyed all his electronic equipment and his audio recording studio. He was kept too busy serving God, working at the church, and was unable to find the time to record the updates to my book.

God ultimately decided to life-flighted this amazing man of God to his kingdom. Earlier this afternoon, he lost his battle with COVID. Bryan is survived by his bride, whom he was planning to marry her in a couple of weeks, and young children…

While Bryan has passed from the Earthly realm, no one can take his voice away – it will live forever through "The Gods Must be Crazy!". https://www.amazon.com/Make-Enterprise-Great-Again-Capitalism/dp/B08F6BQ8P9/

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