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Ay Yi Yai Yi! The Gods Must Be Crazy: We are in the middle of The New Enterprise Order!

Empires rise, decline, and fall. Rome, the Ottomans, and Britain have all fallen, and if we aren't careful, the US will be the next.

Many enterprises are a bunch of debt addicted extreme financial engineering frogs in tepid snake oil. Unfortunately, many will find their destiny with IP Vultures.

If we don't play our trump cards right, soon the next voracious empire, The Middle Kingdom, will send their errand boys to collect the bills from the US and over a hundred other countries, which it has economically and digitally colonized since the economic Tsunami of 2008 through Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to its Digital Silk Road (DSR).

"Make Enterprise Great Again" digs into the foundation of capitalism to bring back ideals to save us from the impending Fourth Reich.

Yeah! It's halftime, America!

Please checkout the details from the book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CP93CMZ


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