EPM Mavericks
Why EPM Mavericks OneStream Evangelist
EPM Maverick OneStream Evangelist

Architected the potential Billion $ OneStream Marketplace solution in the $2 Trillion Aerospace & Defense Industry. Transitioned from the 20th century Excel Hell to the 22nd-century world-class AeroSpace Defense strategic Hyperion2.0 EPM solutions by leveraging OneStream’s Consolidation, Planning & Forecasting, EACs, and industry-specific custom solutions. Who else crazy enough to:

  • Publish a book on OneStream? (I will be releasing “Make EPM Great Again”)

  • And implemented OneStream solutions within three months?

  • Architected a potential Billion $ Marketplace solution for the $2 Trillion Aerospace Defense Industry?

  • Reached out to all the 79 OneStream partners and completed the highly successful RFP in a month?

  • Presented at OneStream SPLASH conference in Customer Panel?

  • Have around a thousand OneStream resources in their LinkedIn network? I do have around 2000 LinkedIn connections in OneStream domain alone, including all topmost leaders of OneStream (with them I had several strategic discussions on OneStream Marketplace solution for the $2 Trillion A&D Industry).

  • Experienced crazy irrational exuberance (>$100 Million project) and bringing down the cost by 1/4th? 

  • Architected one of the Herculean EPM/Finance Transformation of a Fortune 13 Corporation?

  • Seen EPM Architectural Irrational Exuberance of a $200 Million company becoming ~$10B and dreams of conquering the Solar world with >$100B ambition (in a couple of years) and going bust (Chapter 11?).

  • Architected Global EPM solutions for the biggest Showbusiness company in the world?

  • Contributed to five major Books/standards?

  • Published and presented ~50 papers globally including Architecting the future state strategic ERP & EPM business system roadmap to Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), BOTs, etc.?

  • TOGAF9 certified OneStream Architect, certified ERP and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Systems implementation specialist (Planning, Essbase, Financial Management, DRM/DRG, etc.) with over two-decade-long experience in numerous industries through global clients (including at Ernst & Young)?

  • Served in Gartner’s PPM Panel and Advisor to set up Portfolio Management office (PMO – IT & Business) for a Fortune 10 company during the 2008 economic Tsunami (saved ~$0.5B).

  • Product of Clinton Global Initiative GIFT (Global Institute for Tomorrow) Young Leadership program in Hong Kong and the Masters in Leadership from PMI's CCL patterned executive leadership programs.

  • PMI Mentor in Asia-Pacific Region (India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.). Through this PMI Ambassador role, rejuvenated chapters in the region by promoting the collaboration within the region, international mentoring brotherhood of Global PMI Chapters (ex. WDC, MEM, NC, SA), Government (ex. with Indian President), international dignitaries (ex. President Clinton), Global Corporations leadership (ex. Infosys, Satyam), Academia (ex. ISB). Developed a strategic plan at the regional, country, and chapter/component level by collaborating with all stakeholders and transformed the dormant region to the best performing team. As a result, for the first time, my region won 3 global awards, several BOD members, experienced exponential growth of about 122% in Membership (vs. 31% globally), and 311% growth in PMPs.​

  • I was able to bring two bitter enemies together through professional friendship bridges. I brought Indians and Pakistanis together and organized delegations between these two countries.

  • Keynote honor to Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise audience, that too in Iran. During my tenure at Buckmans Knowledge Transfer Department, for the fifth straight year, Buckman Laboratories has been recognized as one of the world's most admired knowledge enterprises (MAKE). No other company including Google, GE, etc. achieved that level and I dedicate it to the mentoring from Bob Buckman (revered as Father of Knowledge Management).

EPM Mavericks thinks differently with 25 years long EPM Architecture in Fortune 100 Corporations at BIG4 Consulting firm. Will AXE your Enterprise pre-WWW era EPM Cost at least in HALF and Transform into Hyperion2.0 Profit Center Market Place Solution. I GUARANTEE THE BIG4 EPM ARCHITECTURE.



  • Application Build for Administrators, OneStream Software (completed all Academy training too)

  • TOGAF 9 Certified, Enterprise architecture – The Open Group Architecture Forum

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Certified Implementation Specialist, Oracle Corporation

  • Hyperion Planning 9.3 Administrator I & II, Oracle Corporation

  • Hyperion Essbase Analytics 9.3 Developer (1Z0-264), Oracle Corporation

  • Hyperion Financial Management 9.3 Administrator I & II (1Z0271), Oracle Corporation

  • CPIM (Certified in Production & Inventory Management), APICS, 1999

  • CIERP (Certified Implementer of Enterprise Resource Planning), CIBRES, 2000.

  • PMP (Project Management Professional), Project Management Institute, 2001.

  • CSSMBB (Six Sigma Master Black Belt), Harrington Institute, 2005.

  • The 2009 Global Young Leader program (Hong Kong & Cambodia) from The Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT). The Global Young Leaders Program (YLP), a commitment at the inaugural Bill Clinton Global Initiative, provides specialized training that prepares tomorrow’s leaders to excel in such an environment.

  • Masters in Leadership from PMI’s Leadership Institute, Class of 2004, a 14-month Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) patterned intensive program for 22 selected global PMI Leaders

  • MBA (Finance) from Sri Krishnadevaraya Institute of Management (SKIM) in 1996 (as a National Integration Candidate).

  • B.Tech (Production Engineering) from Govt. Eng. College (GEC), Trichur in 1993.

WHY EPM Maverick OneStream Evangelist
WHY EPM Maverick OneStream Evangelist

I was born and brought up in God's Own Country (Kerala, a tropical paradise in India). We believe we are followers of St. Thomas, the Apostle, and educated by Christian Missionaries brought by the Portuguese, French, and British colonizers. As a result of 100 percent literacy in Kerala, it brought communists—who were democratically elected—to power for the first time (1957) in world history. As a result of communism, I had no other option but to pack up my bags after my Industrial Engineering degree (with specialization in Total Quality Management) to find a job in Bombay (commercial capital of India).

I soon realized I did not have much life beyond the factory floor with my dark skin (as a lungi-wearing Kala Madrasi). I got scared, and I ran away to the South to escape the racist economic ladder. I took my MBA in Finance as a National Integration candidate. Luckily, the whole Indian economy collapsed in 1990 under the weight of License Raj. (India took the socialist route and in the 1970s declared Emergency rule during the conflict with Pakistan. The US pulled out of India, and Kissinger called the Indians as Bastards and the Indian Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi) as an Old Witch—for full disclosure, later on, Nixon and Kissinger apologized).

Thanks to the collapse of the half-a-century-old mighty Indian License Raj, the Indian economy got liberalized just in time, and I started my career as an Investment Banking Analyst. Ironically, soon, I lost my job due to the 1996 stock market bubble in India. Thanks to the biggest blunder in business history (Y2K), I managed to migrate from corporate finance to ERP. But in 2000, the BaaN (Netherlands based) Brothers got into the Dutch scandal, and the #3 ERP (BaaN) system I was riding became a dead horse.

Since then, I spent over a decade volunteering for PMI and etched my name to all the standards of PMI (including PMBOK, OPM3, PP&PM, etc.), thanks to my PMI papers, publications, and books (especially Project Portfolio Management Standard). In 2008, during the middle of the economic Tsunami, I served as an Advisor (to CFO’s office) to set up the Project Portfolio Management Office for a FORTUNE 10 World's Most Admired Company and saved around half a billion dollars (I even served in the Gartner’s PPM Panel and later as one of the three PM Methodology SME at E&Y). But I became the victim of my own short-term financial Engineering. I managed to capitalize on the 90s legacy Hyperion Enterprise and moved on to the fancy world of CFOs suites of products for bigger Financial Engineering in the BIG4 consulting world.

Back in 2009, I packed my bags to the Cambodian Jungles in search of answers from the Bottom of the Pyramid through GIFT (Global Institute for Tomorrow – a Clinton Global Young Leadership Program (YLP)). The more I looked at the finance world in the West, the more disillusioned I became. I lost faith in the roller-coasters of flash markets (90 percent of today's stock market without long-term fundamental values is chasing the tweets with the Hot dollars & High-Frequency Algorithmic Derivatives Flash Gambles by BOTs). Hail to Hernando de Soto, I am born again to The Mystery of Capital gospel. Since 911, I made a few dollars betting against the conventional western market wisdom by betting in Petro China and Total.

After coming back from the wilderness of Cambodian killing fields, I re-incarnated to EPM career out of the 2008 Economic Tsunami in the BIG4 world. I made 95 percent of my net worth between 2008 to the 2011–time frame by betting against conventional wisdom (when everyone deleveraged, I leveraged to the extreme in some of the iconic real-estate in the world which was on Fire-Sale). I do have a fair share of blood on my hands with mindless EPM Financial Engineering through fancy jargons (aka Cost Cutting) like Tax Effective Supply Chain Management (TESCCM), Business/ Finance/IT Transformation, BPR, Six Sigma, Pricing and Profitability strategy. I used to be involved in several Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Award at Ernst & Young too. To green-wash my guilt, I had the amazing honor to volunteer for the most extensive Professional Not-for-Profit for over a decade (PMI (Project Management Institute), which serves ~3 million professionals, including over 500,000 members in 208 countries around the world). I contributed to about half a dozen books and ~50 publications/presentations.


I would like to open source better-refined ideas to publish a book on "Make EPM Great again." I understand 99 percent of the first-time audience will be turned away, and the remaining 1 percent will cast the stones. In essence, I will use those stones for intellectual stimulation to open source the foundation materials for this book and bring back the rest of the 99 percent for their constructive wisdom.

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