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Tiger Ride in ​Distorted Reality Fields

In the eye of Economic Tsunami(2009), I packed my bags to the Mekong (Cambodia) Killing Fields seeking answers from the Bottom of the Pyramid through GIFT (Global Institute for Tomorrow – a Clinton Global Young Leadership Program (YLP)). I realized the whole dysfunctional system is a fake Ponzi scheme propped up by a few on the sand.

Hail to Hernando de Soto, I am born again to preach The Mystery of Capital gospel. I made 95 percent of my net worth during that time frame (2008-2011) by betting against conventional wisdom and re-incarnated to EPM career out of the 2008 Economic Tsunami.

“The Hour of Capitalism’s Greatest Triumph is its Hour of Crisis.” - Hernando de Soto, The Mystery of Capital

“The Hour of Capitalism’s Greatest Triumph is

its Hour of Crisis.

- Hernando de Soto, The Mystery of Capital

I do have a fair share of blood on my hands with mindless EPM Financial Engineering through fancy jargons (aka Cost Cutting) like Tax Effective Supply Chain Management (TESCCM), Business/ Finance/IT Transformation, BPR, Six Sigma, Pricing and Profitability Strategy, 5 books contributions and ~50 publication/presentations and even Architecting and Executing Ethics for 2.9 million professionals in about 200 countries.​

Post 911, we (the West) went high with our irrational exuberance and later with Financial Engineering (and share buybacks) amplified by High-Frequency Algorithmic Gambles by BOTs. Economic Armageddon is brewing since the 2008 Economic Tsunami with the world's central banks flooding >$30 Trillion into the markets and amplified by ~$10 Trillion share buybacks and High-Frequency Algorithmic Gambles by BOTs. We are hostages of the Zombie Frankenstein Economy manipulated by 1 percent vultures.

"Only when the tide goes out

do you discover who's been swimming naked."

- Warren Buffett

There have been ~40 Million job losses in a couple of weeks alone (2020) — wiping out all the spectacular US job growth of decades. 

2020 Apocalypse

In today’s geopolitical economic turbulences of new normal, most corporate Frankenstein dinosaurs will not survive long by their Financial Engineering coming Economic Apocalypse Flash Crash, many will be damned in Flash Hellfire and rest will be preyed upon by rogue BOTs of Private Equity firms with a vulture focus.

Sadly, the chickens have come home to roost. One-quarter of small businesses already shut down... Clock ticking on permanent shutdowns... Coronavirus happens to be the black swan pop the bubble. 


Two decades ago, my management guru predicted:

"The corporation as we know it, which is now 120 years old,

It is not likely to survive the next 25 years.

Legally & Financially, Yes,

But not Structurally & Economically."

- Peter Drucker, Circa 2000

Apocalypse Now!

120 Year History of Enterpirse

US rose to become the world’s superpower over the last 150 years,

though particularly during and after WWII,

and is now in relative decline while China is catching up once again.

- Ray Dalio, “The Changing World Order

The New World Order
The Planet of “The Fourth Reich”

The Planet of the Fourth Reich

Why EPM Mavericks OneStream Evangelist

If we don’t Architect the 22nd  Century Digital Age New Normal Noah's EPM Ark, We will soon be working as slaves the Man In The High Castle, Reminiscent to the Netflix Documentary American Factory

We have great human capital and thinking technologies that can help us see

How to best deal with these challenges and do the inevitable restructurings well.

If we can all deal with each other well, we will certainly get past this difficult time and move on to a new prosperous period that will be quite different.

- Ray Dalio, “The Changing World Order

EPM Mavericks thinks differently with 25 years long EPM Architecture in Fortune 100 Corporations at BIG4 Consulting firm. Will AXE your Enterprise pre-WWW era EPM Cost at least in HALF and Transform into Hyperion2.0 Profit Center Market Place Solution. I GUARANTEE THE BIG4 EPM ARCHITECTURE.
the HALF Time for Enterprise

I’ve seen a lot of tough eras, a lot of downturns in my life.

It seems that we’ve lost our heart at times……

All that matters now is what’s ahead. How do we come together? And how do we win?

This country can’t be knocked out with one punch.

We get right back up again and when we do

The world’s going to hear the roar of our engines.

Yeah, it’s halftime America and our second half is about to begin.

- Clint Eastwood (Chrysler Super Bowl Halftime Ad, 5 February 2012)

​the MYSTERY!  The Hour of Capitalism’s Greatest Triumph is   Its Hour of Crisis!


The Hour of Capitalism’s Greatest Triumph is 

Its Hour of Crisis!

​the GOSPEL!  The Hour to Architect the 22nd Century    Digital Age Noah's EPM Ark in New Normal!


The Hour to Architect the 22nd Century  

Digital Age Noah's EPM Ark in New Normal!

​the NEW WORLD ORDER!  Architecting Enterprises in  GE0-Political  The turbulence of NEW NORMAL!


Architecting Enterprises in  GE0-Political

The turbulence of NEW NORMAL!

​“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"  (If you want ENTERPRISE peace,  Prepare for EPM Architectural war)

“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

(If you want ENTERPRISE peace,

Prepare for EPM Architectural war)

  • In today’s geopolitical economic turbulence's of new normal, Most Dinosaurs (corporations/enterprises) as we know it will not survive long with their Financial Engineering to please the street with quarterly results (quarterly tactical strategies).

  • Many will be eaten away by Private Equity firms with a strategic focus.

  • The Architecture of most technologies of today predates WWW (World Wide Web) and is not designed for the Digital Age.

  • IT/Business systems will evolve from Transactional to Operational to Artificial Intelligence BOTs (in Cloud). 

  • In addition to IT, traditional accounting and most business functions (especially repetitive) are on the verge of automation by AI BOTs in cloud.

Think Different EPM

Pardon me for greenwashing my guilt of capitalizing the Irrational Exuberance in the Distorted Reality Bubble Mayas. I started my expedition as an Investment Banking Analyst(Finance MBA). I migrated to ERP (thanks to the biggest blunder in business history – Y2K) since I lost faith in the rollercoasters of flash markets (90 percent of today’s stock market without long-term fundamental values is chasing the tweets with the speculative HOT $s and High-Frequency Algorithmic Derivatives Flash Gambles by BOTs).

​​Pre-WWW Era EPM

Distorted Reality Fields

"We have to see that Chinese companies, partly with the support of state funds, are increasingly trying to buy up European companies that are cheap to acquire or that got into economic difficulties due to the coronavirus crisis…China will be our biggest competitor in the future, in economic, social and political terms...

I view China as the strategic competitor for Europe, that represents an authoritarian model of society, that wants to expand its power and replace the United States as a leading power

The European Union therefore should react in a coordinated way and put an end to the "Chinese shopping tour"

- Manfred Weber, Head of the EPP grouping in the EU Parliament (NPR News 5-17-20)

“In brief, after the creation of a new set of rules establishes the new world order, there is typically a peaceful and prosperous period.  As people get used to this they increasingly bet on the prosperity continuing, and they increasingly borrow money to do that, which eventually leads to a bubble.  As the prosperity increases the wealth gap grows. 

Eventually the debt bubble bursts, which leads to the printing of money and credit and increased internal conflict, which leads to some sort of wealth redistribution revolution that can be peaceful or violent.  Typically at that time late in the cycle the leading empire that won the last economic and geopolitical war is less powerful relative to rival powers that prospered during the prosperous period, and with the bad economic conditions and the disagreements between powers there is typically some kind of war. 

Out of these debt, economic, domestic, and world-order breakdowns that take the forms of revolutions and wars come new winners and losers. Then the winners get together to create the new domestic and world orders.

- Ray Dalio, “The Changing World Order

Rise & Fall of Empires

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