Billions around the world are encountering the darkest winter in human history. During the auspicious Christmas season, I would like to GIFT the wisdom of a hopeful spring.

Wow! What a Year! I, too, had an excruciating year to begin with, including COVID taking my storyteller's (narrator) soul to heaven. When the darkness rolled in, through thick and thin, an amazing community was there for me with helping hands. Just as an example, we cracked the code of BIG Publishing houses and achieved something even crème de la crème writers could dream about. Within a few months, thousands read the Gods Must Be Crazy in over a dozen countries, offering over 50 rave reviews (Amazon & GoodReads), and even achieved the #1 bestseller rank in many Amazon categories! Above all, I donate the royalty from this book for a greater purpose to Mother Teresa Mission (Missionaries of Charity).

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and an Amazing New Year! Saji 214-454-7254

Book Royalties donated to Mother Teresa Mission (Missionaries of Charity).

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As I mentioned in my book, “We need to secure the leadership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and prepare it to take steps to counter China…... Unfortunately, the current administration withdrew from the partnership in 2017, and China took advantage of US withdrawal.”

Sadly, as happened in the past two years, the current administration even boycotted the third year in a row, the ASEAN meeting that is happening now (this weekend).

As a result, they are about to sign the “World’s Biggest Free-Trade Deal” under Chinese hegemony. Our own allies, like Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, abandoned us. They completely disregarded the fatwa from DC. From insult to injury, it shows the mastery of The Middle Kingdom.

The future is ASEA and this MEGA deal is the zenith of Beijing’s decade-long quest to torpedo us (US Empire) for greater economic colonization of the region that encompasses over a third of the global gross domestic product, about half of the world population. Resulting economic Tsunami of this tectonic deal will send shockwaves around the world.

Sadly hardly any US ostrich syndrome media is talking about these RCEP tectonic shifts. Here is a Japanese-Indian Perspective on their anxieties. It is a pity; we put all our allies in a difficult spot by unilaterally pulling out of TPP and other commitments:


Bushmen from EAST

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